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 Parking citations are imposed for violations of certain traffic laws compared to Article 108. Act. 77/2019. Violations related to road traffic do not carry charges, such as violations from most other fields of law, but penalties are imposed as parking citation fines. Because of this difference of penalties, these issues are not treated as official court cases but follow procedural rules of the Administrative Act. 37/1993 and the Code of Civil Procedure no. 91/1991 as appropriate in each instance.

The issuing of a parking violation citation is a burdensome administrative action, and an applicant who considers their rights infringed upon by a citation can request an appeal (determination summary) from Bílastæðasjóður Reykjavik. A request for an appeal is necessary to contest the citation for parking violation fines.

The violation description (parking citation) constitutes an official document, cf. Article 71. Civil Procedure Act. The citation is considered correct unless proved otherwise, cf. 3. Article 71 of the same Act. Therefore, applicants are advised to contest right away for any appeals that might have an impact on the citation.

An appeal is carried out in such a way, that the head of parking permits/police officer or an assigned representative evaluates the merits of the case and base the determination of their arguments according to the law in which the applicant has based their appeal. Also, for clarification purposes, the head of parking permits/police officer regarding this particular appeal may obtain further information as deemed necessary.

Once an appeal has reached Bílastæðasjóður, extra fees are mandatory and based upon traffic laws while the appeal is being processed. If the appeal is validated, the penalty and fees will be cancelled, and the applicant will be notified by mail or e-mail to that effect. If the appeal is denied, the applicant will also receive notice in the mail or e-mail to that effect. The extra charges will then be reduced back to the original penalty that had been initially imposed.

Applicants are reminded that they have the option of paying the fine despite their request for an appeal. If the appeal is validated, then the fine will be reimbursed. If not, they risk losing the discount that is offered for payments rendered within three working days from the date of the citation.

In general, payment transactions take about 2-4 weeks.

It is a right of the party to request an appeal within 14 days from the date of the citation.

Attention is drawn to paragraph 4. Article 109. Traffic Regulations which states that determinations regarding citation fines are not to be referred to a higher authority.