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Monthly cardholders

Rules (instructions and information) regarding monthly parking permit cards for parking garages.

Monthly parking permit cards are based on an established agreement between Bílastæðasjóður, (The Parking Permit Treasury) and the cardholder which provides the name, ID number, license plate, telephone number, and payment method.

Information on fees and services for all parking garages are available at Bílastæðasjóður, Vonarstræti 4. Submit all applications for parking permits here.


Monthly cards must be paid in advance with full payment on the first installment (A minimum of 2 months and the remainder of the month of the contract). The agreement shall indicate whether proceeding payments are by invoice or credit card. Declined payments because of expired credit cards or other refusals will automatically transfer payments to invoice.


If the invoice is not paid 15 days after the final date, then the parking permit card will be deactivated. If payment is still not received after ten days following deactivation, then the agreement will be terminated, and the parking space will be reallocated to someone else.  You can cancel the contract by sending an email to bilastaedasjodur@bilastaedasjodur.is  Cancellation goes into effect 15 days after the next deadline.


The monthly fees are not refundable.

There is a (1.000 kr.) deposit upon the purchase of the monthly parking permit card. This deposit is refundable, providing all fees have been paid in full and the card is returned in good condition.

Parking Garages are only for vehicles in daily use, not to be utilized for the storage of vehicles, campers, trailers, antique cars and other such items. Cars without license plates (and other vehicles and trailers that are not authorized) will be immediately removed from the garage at the expense of the owner.

Monthly cardholders have access to the parking garage around the clock (City Hall cardholders will need an access card to enter the building after closing; you must contact the City Hall garage caretaker to obtain this access card). Any equipment failure in the garages that may result in the cardholder´s inability to enter does not entitle the holder to park free of charge in other paid parking areas out along the street.

Access to parking garages is managed in a way that there is always the alternating enter and exit controls on the card. Therefore, you cannot enter twice in a row with the same card without exiting the other. If the gate is open, place the card in the reader anyway, unless a failure of equipment is such that this is not possible. If external conditions lead to card holders not being able to enter or exit on their card, then an employee of Bílastæðasjóður will need to correct the card´s access controls. Any attempts to go with two or more vehicles in / out on the same card will be considered an abuse of the card.

All manipulations and abuse of the cards will constitute the immediate cancellation of the contract, and the monthly parking permit card will be revoked. Any paid monthly fees and deposits will therefore not be refunded in such instances. 



Bílastæðasjóður is not responsible for damage, burglary or vandalism of vehicles in parking garages.

Bílastæðasjóður will strive at all times to reserve parking spaces for monthly cardholders. Failure for any reason is the responsibility of the driver to make other arrangements, for example, from paid parking spaces.

Bílastæðasjóður reserves the right to modify these rules if necessary and the cardholder commits to abide by the rules that are in force each time. The rules are available on the website www.bilastaedasjodur.is.


Amendment 21.9.2012 (Article 3 was amended, so the initial payment plan was changed from 1 month to 2 months. The reason for the restructuring of the subscription system was to purchase lots in advance.)